Pride & Clarke Motorcycles Shirt- Red

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red raglan PC moto.jpg
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Pride & Clarke Motorcycles Shirt- Red

20.00 35.00

100% cotton long sleeve raglan shirt with white body, red sleeves and red 'Pride & Clarke Motorcycles London England' print.

This style is also available in black & white.

Sizing. Chest of this shirt measures:

Small- 35.5"

Medium- 38"

Large- 42"

X-Large- 46"

XX-Large- 50"

Garment care: we suggest a cold, gentle wash for this garment.

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The raglan has long been a popular t-shirt style within motorcycling culture and is identifiable as a sports jersey from the late 19th century. As it's told, the style is named after Lord Raglan (1st Baron Raglan) who lost his arm during the Battle Of Waterloo. Following the battle British tailors Aquascutum invented the raglan design which is distinguished by the one piece of fabric extending fully to the collar with diagonal seams from the underarm to collar bone. The idea was to allow greater arm movement for the wearer, in this instance greater movement for motorcycle riding and Lord Raglan's sword fighting.

 The Pride & Clarke Motorcycles Shirt we have produced looks to the motorcycle racing culture and motor sports teams who were associated with P&C throughout its history.